Support Ray County

6 Ways to Support The Ray County Museum  Consider these options for your charitable giving.  

1. Cash. This is a simple and common way to make a gift. Donations of cash are deductible if you itemize in the year of contribution.

 2. Bequests. Leave us a percentage of your estate. Or, make a bequest of money to our organization.

3. Securities. Give stocks that have increased in value, particularly those producing a low yield.

4. Bank accounts and CDs. Name us as the “payable-on-death beneficiary” of your bank accounts or on certificates of deposit. You own the assets for your lifetime and have them available for your use. Upon your death, the assets pass to us.

5. Retirement plan assets. You may leave all or a portion of your retirement plan to charity.

6.  Life insurance. Rather than cancel policies you no longer need, you could name us as the beneficiary or simply donate the policies outright.  This information is not intended as legal advice.

For legal advice, please contact an attorney.

Thank you!

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